The Lost Museum is a curious and playful exploration of the people who live, work, rest and play at Dee Park in Reading. The Lost Museum is a place to meet strangers, hear their stories and look at life a little differently-where our community are our storytellers and we build The Lost Museum as a collective.

The Engine Room are delighted to be facilitating The Lost Museum. Our aim is to engage the Dee Park community in Reading; to look at the relationship between identity, memory and language that form the basis of reminder through the creation and the building of the Dee Park Lost Museum.

The idea is to work inclusively across the community to build a tangible moving Museum that will travel to collect stories and objects. There is unpredictability to what survives beyond us and this is what will make these stories, items even more precious.

The Lost Museum will give people within the Dee Park Community a sense of opportunity that will provide value to how they remember their own heritage and the heritage of their community. The layering of stories from multiple generations through objects and how those objects tie us to specific moments in our lives.

This project is therefore called, ‘The Lost Museum which is found in Dee Park’ , in which resident’s sense of home is not lost and the wider communities understand more about this community’s history.

What makes The Lost Museum unique in its approach is that the project will be led by The Engine Room which is an arts and mental health project that advocates and supports members of this group to become leaders in their own community and in wider Reading.

This project has grown from the very heart of Dee Park over the last three years. We are passionate about learning and sharing the heritage of our community We have become very aware working in Dee Park, that marginalised groups don’t always get to share their stories as these groups can be often difficult to reach, we hope to change this.

The Engine Room members now want to take the skills they have gleaned and the new ones they will learn to become professional, valued leaders of their community. Therefore, their aim is to upskill, by training to become professional leaders of the arts within their community, through training with a collective of professionals in many areas to procure all the skills they will need to curate, build, nurture and sustain a community’s “Lost Museum.”

The Engine Room feel deeply privileged to be facilitating this project along with the Dee Park Community we love so much. We so look forward to a year of exciting possibilities. Through beautiful interventions, workshops and exhibitions for the whole of Dee Park to be involved in as we build The Lost Museum.


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