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Aimee Dinh

Snap Out Of It

The misuse of mental health terms is more common than most people realize. Using medical language to describe character traits contributes to public misunderstanding and extends the stigma many already experience surrounding mental illness. Many individuals with mental illness do not seek treatment due to stigma. According to National Institute of Mental Health, on average, people with mental illness wait nearly a decade to get treatment after symptoms first appear. This has been caused by the careless use of words that promotes the viewpoint that “these people” are dangerous and to be avoided.

This project illustrates the malicious accusations people diagnosed with mental illness have to put up with each day.


6ffd3d36986965.5730fc4b2bdc630d23d36986965.5730fc4b2c7eeThe goal of Snap Out Of It is to educate how the use of misleading terms can harm, and to encourage the reader to choose their diction cautiously and responsibly. Words can have stigma and that carefully choosing one’s words can lead to creating a society that is kind and accepting. It features an article written by Gary Nunn, a journalist who is a regular contributor to “Mind your Language” section on the Guardian. With the same objective as this book, Gary wishes to advocate for those who struggle to advocate for themselves.




Graphic designer and illustrator based in the Bournemouth area.

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