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Katie Maria Francis


                                                                            Made You Look.
Visual perception assists us in interpreting surroundings through processing information within visible light, better known as the sense of sight.
Unreliability of sight is evidenced in that we can see optical errors, like distortion. The brain sees errors as something else in order to make sense of images. Everything we see could be conditioned to be easier to understand.
Made You Look sets out to challenge reality through means of illusion, questioning individual perception, judgment and stereotype. An immersive experience questions the reliability of perception and sight, creating an intimate space for reflection on alternate realities. This varies individually, no one person will have the same experience. If we could process and make sense of it, the world could be this.
Is seeing really believing?
Katie Maria Francis takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Searching for truth of emotion, transparency in human beings and what it is to be human, inspiration is found in capturing the often-overlooked simplicity within the world, and challenging perceptions to get to the heart of issues. Giving more vulnerable groups a voice, perhaps those on the periphery of society, challenging prejudice head on, and often leading to a journey of emotional self-discovery.

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