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Mark Andrew Webber

Arms-Crossed-RGB Colourful-explosion-RGB (1)Crying-woman-RGB Heart-RGB Lying-down-plaits-RGB Man-Smoking-RGB Shattered-heart-RGB Shoes-gloves-RGB Stepfather-painting-RGB String-woman-RGB Thoughtful-man-RGB Woman-with-lily-RGBReading-based artist Mark Andrew Webber works primarily in linocut printing and specialises in painstakingly-researched typographic and geometric projects, including his ‘Where in the World’ series of enormous city maps and ‘FORM’, a six-part study of line and form. In 2007 Webber was awarded a prestigious Silver Cube award from the Art Directors Club of New York and has been featured in leading design magazines including Creative Review and Blueprint Magazine. His first solo show ran from July to August 2014 at the Londonewcastle Project Space in London. Find out more about Mark’s art on his website.

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Matthew Potts.


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I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I like to allow the computer to restrict the way I draw, essentially using circles and squares as the foundations of my work, so that the drawing process becomes like an act of problem solving. I have a rather morbid sense of humour that I like to inject into my work. I like to to aim for a reaction somewhere between disgust and amusement, so that hopefully you’re smiling and laughing while your stomach churns slightly.