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Dearest Frederique- Shirley Sully.

DearestDearest Fred.

My mentor, my friend, my inspiration: you were the person who taught me more about drawing in an afternoon than all the years studying at art school ever did… If you were here, you would have been part of The Engine Room. In fact you were The Engine Room. So this project is for you…
Shirley Sully
(August 1934 – May 2008)
Written by Lisa-Marie Gibbs

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My sandwich is depressed – Ruby Bala.

engine room2

To make  a simple  sandwich you need two slices of bread. Some butter. Cheese and ham.
I have all those ingredients. Usually, when I wake up I go straight to the kitchen. I make a cup of tea or black coffee and start multitasking tirelessly.
I always toast bread. Toast is healthier and since I can remember (and my memory is unfortunately good) I have never had untoasted bread. What’s the rush anyway, it only takes a few seconds and it tastes better and healthier.
My friends always seem to have issues with the way I make sandwiches.
So what, I spread the butter starting from the middle and then in no particular pattern or direction. Still, all I’m doing is spreading butter on toast. Same outcome.
So what, I don’t bother carefully cutting the ham in a certain shape that it covers the bread equally. If I can eat a sandwich with more ham in the middle than in the corners, then so be it. My sandwich.
It takes me less than five minutes to make a sandwich.
I like sandwiches.
I really want one right now.
I’m so hungry.
I haven’t eaten today.
I didn’t manage to make myself get out of bed.

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Pink and Blue series – John Yeo .

John Yeo - Pink and Blue series 1John Yeo - Pink and Blue series 2John Yeo - Pink and Blue series 3John Yeo - Pink and Blue series 4

John Yeo - Pink and Blue series 5

‘Trying to put the colour right in a world in ruin, embellishing freedoms in gender identity and recreating self to free the soul and re – emerge in a brave new world. Feeling as a child and then re – emerging as an adult combating prejudice and for building a new world. Protecting child and gay rights in heterosexual blue.’